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Walleye Fishing On Lake Erie
The Season starts early on the Lake's Western Basin. Walleyes are typically found in small, tight schools at this time, so the action can be fast. From late March throughout April the beaches and shallow reefs become action points as large schools of male and post-spawn female Walleye cruise the shallow, sandy bottoms looking for bait fish. Casting or jigging bright-colored minnow-tipped jigs is a favorite method to catch a limit of some of the year's nicest fish. Late April to early May sends Walleye into deeper water where the feed actively to replenish energy used in spawning.

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Record Walleye

The current Ohio State Walleye
record is 15.95 pounds set on
one of Captain Pat's charters.

Caught by
Mike Beidel
of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
on March 24, 1995.


Experience is your BEST opportunity for catching your limits!

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