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Perch Fishing

The Tasty yellow perch are one of the most popular species to Western Basin Fishermen  and all Lake Erie Anglers. Lake Erie Perch fishing often passes Walleye fishing during the late summer through fall when perch are concentrated in large schools and are caught relatively easily. Our fishing techniques are very simple for Lake Erie Perch fishing which make it especially good for children and families.

In the spring and early summer, perch are caught over a variety of depths. Habitant types range from gravel bars and reefs, to sandy vegetated embankments and hard mud bottoms, out to depth of 45 feet. As Fall arrives, we begin catching massive amounts of 8 inch to 12 inch Perch. Jumbo Perch (12 to 14 inches) are often caught. These fish are feeding heavily for winter and limits are caught in a couple hours daily.

Bottom fishing with Emerald Shiners or minnows is the preferred method used by anglers to take Yellow Perch. The most effective and simplest technique we use is 2 or 3 hooks attached to a spreader or crappie rig ad weighted with a sinker to get the bait down to the bottom. "Doubles" are very common when the Perch are in a  feeding frenzy.

Many fishermen prefer Lake Erie's Yellow Perch over any other fish they eat. These tasty fish are a cousin of the Walleye, and make for some of the finest dining in the world. We hope this has given you an idea on how and why we fish for this fabulous table fare.


Experience is your BEST opportunity for catching your limits!

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